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Driver seat motor problems.

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As the title states, has anyone been able to find these motors that operate the forward and backward motion? Mine just gave up. Granted I’m being lazy as it just happened today and I haven’t taken anything apart yet. I plan on taking it apart and applying voltage directly to the motor(s) just to make sure it’s dead.

Every other function works as it should, recline works, the seat bottom tilts and goes up and down. The seat just won’t move forward or backward.

Has anyone else had this issue? If so what did you do to fix it? Also does anyone know if these motors are still available?
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I'm actually planning on getting rid of my front seats for some corbeaus. Trying to cut some weight, and the seats are too slow for my liking.
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I've been wanting to replace the seats in my turbo car - to save weight and to provide some better bolstering... But how do you choose? There's thousands of aftermarket seats out there, ranging from $200 to $5000 and it's not like you get to touch/feel/try them before buying.

Also - are you people adjusting your seats often? I mean, I don't share my car with anyone...but I prolly haven't touched my seat controls since the first week I bought the car.

I end up changing my seating position more often than not. Usually because I keep hitting the slider button if I'm cleaning the car out, or reaching inside for something from outside the driver's side. I have the same problem in my f150. And my 8 year old plays the with seats all the time, so the passenger side changes every time he gets in the car.

I want the corbeau GTS 2s, but I want to at least try and sit in a set before I bite the bullet on them.
You might be able to find a store that has the seats on display/seating purposes. Very hard to find though. Also the Corbeau GTS 2 don’t look that different from the stock ones support wise but I might be mistaken. My main problem with the stockers was lifting off the seats at higher cornering speeds. Gripping the steering wheel for dear life while trying to steer was not a good feeling…

My solution to accidentally bumping the seating position was to pull the fuse. Works very well. Too well when things get stuck underneath though. That’s assuming you have power seats although there’s the memory function for me at least. Don’t know if that’s standard.
I chose the GTS II because they look like stock seats, but are more bolstered than the factory seats. They have larger kidney bolsters and have thigh bolsters. Here's a picture that's a bit clearer than the black seats.

Comfort Armrest Rectangle Auto part Font

Compared to the factory seats, a lot more support

Grass Plant Tints and shades Car seat Armrest

I also tend to change my seating positions depending on what shoes I'm wearing, if I'm wearing a jacket or not, and just how I'm feeling that day. Lol.

I don't have a memory function, but I do have power seats. And they're slow. At least, too slow for my tastes. My favorite seats ever are still the factory Toyota seats in my 84 supra P-Type.
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