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Driver seat motor problems.

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As the title states, has anyone been able to find these motors that operate the forward and backward motion? Mine just gave up. Granted I’m being lazy as it just happened today and I haven’t taken anything apart yet. I plan on taking it apart and applying voltage directly to the motor(s) just to make sure it’s dead.

Every other function works as it should, recline works, the seat bottom tilts and goes up and down. The seat just won’t move forward or backward.

Has anyone else had this issue? If so what did you do to fix it? Also does anyone know if these motors are still available?
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Man I was hoping it wasn’t eBay.
How come?

Personally i'd rather have a nice used oem part vs some chinese aftermarket part that didn't have to pass thru all the Toyota QC.
I'm actually planning on getting rid of my front seats for some corbeaus. Trying to cut some weight, and the seats are too slow for my liking.
I've been wanting to replace the seats in my turbo car - to save weight and to provide some better bolstering... But how do you choose? There's thousands of aftermarket seats out there, ranging from $200 to $5000 and it's not like you get to touch/feel/try them before buying.

Also - are you people adjusting your seats often? I mean, I don't share my car with anyone...but I prolly haven't touched my seat controls since the first week I bought the car.
Gripping the steering wheel for dear life while trying to steer was not a good feeling…
It's also very tiring. Acceptable for a quick jaunt through a section of esses, but that's about it. Also - as with most things, your ability to do a good job depends heavily on how ergonomically comfortable you are.

Any half-decent retailer will likely have several different models in several different sizes in their showroom.
I guess there might be a couple big cities with lots of retailers; each representing multiple brands - which would give someone the chance to spend a day driving around trying out different products... Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas come to mind... But for the rest of us, it's not an option. Still, considering the wild variety of choices and sizes of products in this market - I think you'd still only be accessing a very small cross-section of what's available out there.

Prolly best approach is to go to a track day and check out what everybody's got.
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