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Largest Luxury Car Rental Company Poised for Leadership in Luxury Travel Industry

MINDEN, Nev., Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Renting a car has never been so much
fun! Imagine driving through the Swiss Alps in a BMW Z3 Roadster Convertible.
Or cruising in an Alfa Romeo Spider to Le Louvre in Paris. How about coasting
down California's Highway 1 in a Porsche Boxster Convertible? Driven Image, a
luxury car rental company, helps make these dreams a reality.
With its global reach, Driven Image represents the most extensive network
of luxury car rental agencies in the world. The company recently announced its
new worldwide affiliation and central reservation system, available toll free
at 866-4-DRIVEN or The central reservation system allows
customers to choose from more than 250 luxury car models and specify the
location they want to pick up the car, or have it delivered. The advantage for
customers renting luxury cars through Driven Image, versus going to the
affiliate directly, is the 15 percent discount on the rental price they
receive. (The 15 percent discount is an average; discounts vary by market and
"We spent months meeting with independent luxury car rental agencies to
create this one-of-a-kind partnership," said company owner, Mark Guzy. "There
are a few other luxury car rental agencies out there, but none have the
worldwide network and selection of cars offered by Driven Image." Driven Image
has affiliates serving Europe with locations in France and Switzerland,
New Zealand, Canada, England, Spain and throughout the United States. In
spring 2001, Driven Image plans to open company-owned agencies in Detroit,
Phoenix, Seattle and Chicago. The company is working to expand its worldwide
presence through affiliates in Australia and South Africa.

So who rents luxury cars? Better yet, why?

"Our target audiences are as varied as the types of cars we offer," said
Nick Popravsky, vice president. "Sometimes people rent luxury cars as an
alternative to a standard car while on vacations, and many people choose
luxury rental cars for their business travel. And then there are customers who
rent luxury cars for special occasions like anniversaries or Father's Day."
Some of the cars featured by Driven Image include: Alfa Romeo; Audi;
Bentley, BMW; Cadillac; Chevrolet; Chrysler; Dodge; Ferrari; Ford; Honda;
Hummer; Infiniti; Jaguar; Jeep; Land Rover; Lamborghini; Lexus; Lincoln Lotus
Maserati; Mazda; Mercedes; Nissan; Peugeot; Porsche; Range Rover; Renault;
Rolls Royce; Rover; Saab; Toyota; Volkswagen; and Volvo. Most affiliates also
rent cell phones, pagers and CDs.
One of the company's goals is to offer this small indulgence at an
affordable price. The prices for renting a luxury car range from
$100-$2,500/day, depending on the market and season. Affiliates offer
additional collision or loss damage waivers, a fee that can be paid to the
company to absolve customers from responsibility should the car get damaged or
Guzy is confident that there is a market for such services: "Our research
shows the booming economy has made customers hungry for simple pleasures. It
may seem a little indulgent, but our customers have discovered the pure joy
that can be found driving a luxury car."

SOURCE Driven Image
Web Site:
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