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Drifting with your IS300

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I was wondering if anyone has actually put their IS to the test. Who has drifted through a corner and how did it feel? I know that some of you are awaiting the 1K mark before testing the limits of your cars, but for those who have, and I know you have
, what was it like?
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Those stock tires are so grippy that you really need a loose surface to do it. At the IStour they had a corner with gravel so that you could do a bit of a power slide (with traction control turned off).

The IS300 is a heavy car. My old 2500lb Rx7 and 2500lb MR2 are more fun to "drift"...
My previous car was a Miata and drifting was alot of fun (advantage of RWD). In the IS, the automatic does not give me enough control to break the rearend loose. Hesitations in the throttle response just doesn't stir enough confidence in me to push it. I'll try it again in an empty parking lot when the rain season comes.
Saw someone drift with their IS300 on the street. It's do-able, just depends on how good you are. At driving event yesterday, I drive the IS300 at least 20times (no people there). I found it's hard to control. The car tend to slide out when I press the thratto in mid corner. Maybe because I am more used to FWD. But in the IStour, those professionals drift the car very well.
BWAHAHAHAHA.... drifting in an FF??? Oh man that's a good one.... That's not drifting that's called ass dragging man

Anyways, as most of you know the Altezza in Japan is the new drift king on the block (mostly because it has a turbo'd 4 banger instead of what we got) Supposed to be the new Tureno... (AE85 Corolla that is)
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bwahahah...u can drift a FWD car...u just gotta know what ur doing
I believe it is the AE86 Corolla. It is called the Hachi Roku, that is eight and six in Japanese. I don't think that it comes with a turbo 4, unless that is a new option.
omni, the more i talkt o you the more idiotic i think you are. the first time you told me you downshifted in turns and stayed over you say there's no such thing as a FF to me it sounds like you dont' know jack
hehehh.. kinda like my name??
Mr Clam and Geoff you need to actually consider what you are saying here...

Like I said before I didn't say that downshift over redline was good, I didn't say flicking it was either I said I've done it before when downshifting and it doesn't hurt your car to much.... I said that because that guy was going nuts about how his sister went over redline a bit like 3 times or whatever.... So I told him not to worry, flicking redline from time TO time isn't THAT bad for your car because I do it on occasions when doing highspeed downshifting on turns.

As for drifing in an FF you've got to be kidding me guys.... you can drag your ass around all day but you can't drift in an FF....

Why can't you drift in an FF?

Basically the laws of physics won't allow it. See with a rear wheel drive car power is coming from the back so that basically means that you can slide the tail out and control the movement by countering with the front wheels. With a front wheel drive both the power and countering wheels are up front so it eliminates the possibilty of drifting grouped turns. A demonstration would be taking a rwd car and finding an open parking lot. Get up to a good speed and then just yank the steering wheel back and forth and you will start fishtailing. This can not be done with a ff and and drifitng is almost like fishtailing around turns. Of course this doesn't mean that you can't take your ff and throw it around turns because you can. I know some people that do it pretty successfully with their Civics but the fact of the matter is that it's not drifting. it's ASS DRAGGIN'

and yes I meant to say AE86 Tureno not 85, that was a typo...

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FYI, i've seen my friend drift in his integra gsr, an FF car........leave the racing to those who know how
You may have seen your friend drift once around "A" corner. But he can not make consecutive turns in an FF.

A true drifter will NOT cause a drift and then counter to straighten out, he will instead over counter so his car goes into another drift. So in essence a good drifter has the ability to take five or six opposing turns without having traction at any point in time.

To put it simply a good definition of drifting is, "Sliding your car through a set of opposed and grouped turns without having rear wheel traction as your car moves laterally through the turns."

Sorry Clam, but it is impossible to do this in an FF...... You wanna prove me wrong? Show me a video of your friend OR ANYONE in an FF car doing just what I said. No traction, no straightening out, just sliding through 2 or more turns...

Like I said BEFORE, your friend is ass dragging because he WILL gain traction as soon as he tries to go into another drift around say like an "S" turn....

lol if we left racing up to people like you the world would be a very sad place.
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there's no real use for drifting man, someone once said that it is better to stick than slide....and its true, drifting is for showing off and fun. first you ask for a drift and i tell you tis possible, now you want a drift around multiple turns. i dont' know if its possible, i haven't seen it, but frankly, i don't care. just keep adding more and more conditions so that only a rwd car can do something of the're real smart
Well I'm just telling you that if you ask any "DRIFTER" what drifting is and they'll tell you.... I'm not making up rules as I go along.... You don't believe me? Go to

They are an american drifting car crew in Japan...

I'm not bending hte rules, I'm telling you how it is, Drifting is a HUGE pass time in Japan go to if ya don't believe that, there's a ton of car crews there that all they do is DRIFT.... and you ask anyone of them if drifing isn't going through multiple turns.. tell them your friend can drift in an Acura, they'll laugh in your face...

Now I don't want to argue with you about this anymore, go talk to some real drifters around where ya live if ya don't believe me or the websites....

Oh ya, this is TVR's main website, they have many REAL drifting videos on their site, so go check it out and watch all the people drifting multiple turns

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TKO in favor of Omni.

'01 Silver/Black
LS, LD, HH, SR, 17"
Hmmmm...... re-reading my post for 3-4 times, I don't see any place that says I drift in a FF car...... are you talking about me OMNI?

All I was saying was that I try to drift in the IS300 and got out of control, but feel more confident in a FWD car.

don't fight over this "FF car drift or not" topic, not worth it.

FF car can drift with hand break for one turn. It's impossible to do multiple driftings with FF........that you are right. But FF car can drift.
No, MrClam was getting on me for this other guy who was worried about his redline and I said that I hit the redline while downshifting alot trying to explain that it's not gonna kill your car... But Clammy for whatever reason starts in on me and tells me that it's wrong, I'm not well I didn't say it was right now did I? I just said that it's not gonna kill your car if you do it from time to time.... The Clamdip starts trying to find fault with my FF drifting comment, I dunno what his problem with me is I don't remember starting something with my, but apparently I did... hehe...

As for if an FF car can drift, well I don't consider pulling your handbrake drifting no do I consider only being able to do this once drifting.... (although I do use the handbrake while drifting from time to time when in a drift to pin point the angle I need) Anyways.. FF's drag their ass around, FR's drift

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Omni I think you started it when you made the comment about leaving racing to people who know. Apparently you later edited that statement, because it changed. I think that you are excluding a bunch of cars that can drift when you say FRs drift. What about MR and RR. It also depends on how you define drifting. If powersliding is sliding through one turn and a drift is sliding through 2+ turns then you are probably right. Whatevahs man. Peace.
er.... no HIBBoyScott I think Clam kinda started it here when he said....

omni, the more i talkt o you the more idiotic i think you are. the first time you told me you downshifted in turns and stayed over you say there's no such thing as a FF to me it sounds like you dont' know jack
Anywho.... we are only talking about FF vs FR of course MR and RR can drift (although the weight displacement and center of gravity kinda make it hard it can still be done.. but FR vs FF there's no contest)

And I already defined drifting
So I'm not going through that again
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