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Dome light fitment different to others?

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Hi all
I'm finally putting the inside of my IS back together after a couple of years driving it around a bit naked like a drift car.
I thought since I've replaced most bulbs with LEDs I'd do the dome light too (as a side note, replacing the vanity light in the sun visor with LED is so blinding I don't think anyone could see in the mirror馃槀)
But everywhere I see people changing the dome light, they have a different fitment to mine, and their lens just pops off easily from 1 exposed end.
Mine looks like this - and I can't see any way to get at it. The lens feels as fixed as the map light one (which is screwed in) but poking around the unit to see if I have to unclip it somehow like the one in the front for the maplight yields nothing except unpleasant "ripping off tape" noise at the front edge.
Anyone have one like mine? How do you get it open? Is it just the lens coming off somehow?
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Turns out the lens DOES pry out, from the center back of the lens (away from the switch) you can put a pry tool/flathead in and push it out
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That makes good sense. Do you have any pictures showing this? Like, what does it look like without the cover?
That makes good sense. Do you have any pictures showing this? Like, what does it look like without the cover?
This is what it looks like with the lens cover off. You see the very subtle indent on the back middle where you can slide something in, but the clips you see are at each end of the back side that need to pop out

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The back edge of the lens
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The front edge of the lens that you tuck in before clipping the back edge in
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Thanks for showing! So while it's a completely different design, it looks very similar in material. Looks like the same bulb too. Crazy to still be learning variations with this car 20 years later.
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