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Does music make you go faster?

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I have a theory that some types of music affect how we drive. Using myself as a test subject, I did an informal test. I sampled some the latest Trance music. I noticed that I was driving a little more aggressively. I felt the urge to floor it. Not a lot, mind you, but it was noticeble. Then I put on classical music. I noticed that I was driving like a granny. People were flashing me from behind to get out of the left lane. Any psych majors out there to confirm/deny this theory? Maybe it's just me?
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Great post Kota. Ive wondered that exact same thing many times. I know with me, I drive faster when I listen to something upbeat also. I got pulled over just the other day while listening to 'Music'. I was so busy dancing that I didnt even NOTICE the cop behind me
When I switch to disc 2, Mariah and her power ballads make me drive like a granny.

Id be interested to find out if there is a psych connection between music and driving styles.
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Yea there's a connection alright...try putting in Limp Bizkit "Rollin". Now that will make you drive hella crazy...
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Pop in some old Ministry and just try to drive the speed limit.
How about Sammy Hagar's "I can't drive 55." Or Ozzy's "Crazy Train?" Might push ya over the speed limit...
My friend has had many accidents - all while listening to Pink Floyd.
The latest BT album (Movements in Still Life) has some slamming fast tracks - makes you feel like your in a video game (like Wipeout XL or something) and well, I can't help but drive fast to it... I think these is plenty of truth to this.

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I totally agree w/all ya fast track, upbeat, club music, trance... make me drive more aggresive than usual. ...blow my dat how it goes?
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cis300 -- "Blow Ya Mind" by Lock N Load

Totally agree that the type of music you're listening to dictates your driving style. Try listening to AM talk and you'll practically be going reverse when you drive...then pump in some trance or nu energy and BLAM you're flying
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Originally posted by TEG:
My friend has had many accidents - all while listening to Pink Floyd.
That's so funny. My wife's cousin did the same thing only he listens to Led Zeplin. It's the only thing he has in truck. He's only had two accidents though.

I notice that if I listen to techno while driving I go into this GT replay trance trying to imitate the game. I wonder what will happen when I own the IS
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the beat/rhythm of the music (if faster than you heartbeat) will cause your heart to speed up in sync with the music, making you more active, want to go faster...thats why upbeat fast beat music makes you feel energetic...kinda like forced induction for your body.
depends what kind of music, rap makes me wnat to go out on a straight and go way into triple digit speeds =)
clam, dre/2pac?
laughing, thanks for the song. repeat after me "NOS is for the car!"
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My problem is driving too fast after riding my sportbike or going on one of those go-cart tracks. The car always feels bloated and heavy after getting used to a <500lb vehicle.
Well I don't know about you guys, but I get pumped up everytime I hear my Neil Diamond CD kick in. Gee, I tell ya he kicks azz

Teg, I can see the PINK FLOYD issue. The WALL is my all time favorite, and I tell ya what it kicks on the IS300 stereo. I am so impressed with this stereo!
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If "rollin" by the bizkit gets you speeding....try the remix of it. The Urban Assault version.
Corny, but try the Top Gun soundtrack. One of the best soundtracks to "drive to" especially on the highway.
Originally posted by TelcoIS:
Corny, but try the Top Gun soundtrack. One of the best soundtracks to "drive to" especially on the highway.
Yeah forgot about that one. That is my favorit movie. Kick my man. Feel like you are in a fighter jet!!!!!
Van Halen will make you speed.... I always want to drive fast when I listen to it... If any of you guys are late for a meeting or running late to the airport, then play VAN HALEN 5150..... I guarantee you'll drive faster, but I can't guarantee that you won't get a ticket

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I have to admit that "I Can't Drive 55" was the first thing that I put in my CD player. Yeah, I'm a little embarassed but it was so appropriate . . . .
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