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Does anyone know how to remove the stereo/climate controls c

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Does anyone know how to remove the stereo/climate controls console?

I'm trying to eradicate that squeaking from there.


-crontab -l

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i know how to on the is200(uk version) and pictures i,ve seen of the is300 dash look the same, so here goes,pull the gear selector lever back to give yourself more room,then the panel directly underneath the stereo which on uk cars houses the trc and heated seat switches,this you should be able to get your fingers behind,it should just pull forward.then at the top of the air con controls you need to remove the air vents,if you get a thin bladed screwdriver a piece of cardboard,there are three clips at the front,two at each end and one in the centre on the front face,carefully slot the screwdriver in the small gap between the air con display and the vents and lever upwards this should free the air vents and then you should see the four bolts that secure the stereo/air con unit.
another small point to make is to use some masking tape to protect the side bits of the dash at each side of the unit as it is very easy to mark the dash!
hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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