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I can tell you this... I drove down to florida last week in my IS and I clocked the milage with the Gas consumption and was dead on 23 mpg (man I sound like a geek), until I filled up when I got down there and started using the A/C. I lost 4-5 mpg with the a/c on. (this is all hwy of course). As far as losing power when the A/C is on. I haven't noticed a bit of power being lost at all!!! If however there is a lost of power, It is very little and that is one of things I love about this car.

I remember driving older cars, and man was there a huge difference when the A/C was on. When you shut it off it felt like you had a turbo in your

Does any one here know how the A/C compressor is drivin off the engine in this car. Very impressive

Everyone needs a little New York in them!!!!
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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