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Does AC give worse MPG in the IS.......

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hey guys,

as i already stated i drive pretty much normally and i consistantly get 15-16 MPG in mostly city driving. I must admit i do get on it a couple times a day but still......
I was curious too know if you guys are getting worse gas milage with the AC running..I havent had the luxury to have the AC on yet

but i couldnt imagine any worse milage than what im getting already...

Another AC question....does the IS lose power when the AC is on, i know it did in my previuos cars so i am curious?




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Got mine at the end of last august, so i did get to use the A/C.
Powerfull system, it does sap a tiny bit of power, and I'll assume MPG with that.
You waste more gas opening the windows than turning on the AC because of the drag.
Interesting point PMD...I plan on getting a second car just for the work commute, I'm spending $150 bones a month on gas what an unanticipated cost of ownership
Originally posted by PMD911:
You waste more gas opening the windows than turning on the AC because of the drag.
he is talking about city driving. This might be true on the highway but in the city would not generate enough drag.
I can tell you this... I drove down to florida last week in my IS and I clocked the milage with the Gas consumption and was dead on 23 mpg (man I sound like a geek), until I filled up when I got down there and started using the A/C. I lost 4-5 mpg with the a/c on. (this is all hwy of course). As far as losing power when the A/C is on. I haven't noticed a bit of power being lost at all!!! If however there is a lost of power, It is very little and that is one of things I love about this car.

I remember driving older cars, and man was there a huge difference when the A/C was on. When you shut it off it felt like you had a turbo in your

Does any one here know how the A/C compressor is drivin off the engine in this car. Very impressive

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