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Do car covers cause damage to paint jobs?

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Hey there,
I just got a Ready Fit Technalon2 car cover today from Pepboys. I have to park on the street so I want to attract too much attention there. Anyway, I am just wondering if the car cover will do damage to the paint job....
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I see.. thanks
can you give me a quick wax/clean lesson?

oh and correction... "I DON'T want to attract unwanted attention"
(mistyped there.. hehe)
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Thanks for the info... but I have one more question.

Is it ok to put cover on while the car's engine is still warm/hot?

my cover fabric is "breathable"

for now I just leave the air vent spots open just incase the trapped hot air might ruin the paint
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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