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-When an aftermarket Stereo is installed, does it run ALL 8 speakers???
-YES, I have searched and found nothing...

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Nope! The factory amp has built in x-overs for the speakers and if you install a aftremarket deck without implimenting the x-overs you will not be happy. The other note is the impedance of the factory speakers esp in the rear deck. The 6*9 is 2 ohms and the 2.5" is 4 ohms. Thus you cannot just hook then together of the headunit will see a 1.33 ohm load which = smoke!

You can hook then all up with the use of passive x-overs, and if you want to push the limits of the factory deck by running the rear 6*9 because of its 2 Ohm rating.

I just did 1 last night with an Alpine setup and the customer choose to forgo the x-over network in the rear as the did not care for the rear 6*9 to be hooked as he added 2 10" subs. The cost for the caps then was kept to a min of $10.00 for the pair.
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