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Hello everyone,

I decided to do a write-up on how to swap a w58 into 1st gen is300. Reason why I did it is because the 3rd gear blew and the car was needed back on road ASAP.

Yes I could have gone for r154, ar5, cd009, but the limited funds and minimal stuff required only allowed for w58 and it was available locally from a seller so I went that route.

WARNING: Please practice safety while working under the car and dealing with stuff that is heavy/toxic. If you think you're not capable of doing this job let someone experienced and professional take care of it. I claim no responsibility for any sort of damage you do to yourself or the car

I am only going to cover parts of the procedure that actually are about swapping parts over to the w58 and not the full transmission removal. Transmission removal has ton of info as well as videos on YouTube.

First and foremost, get a friend or two to help you, this will make things much easier (also give you a shoulder to cry on if you mess things up ?)

Now the transmission in question is the w58 from a MK4 supra and not from a MK3. This makes things a bit different (easier) than what other's have done on the forum (or at least from what I found).

After inspecting the transmissions, we realized that all we needed to do was to swap the shifter assembly from the w55 to the w58.

My apologies, I forgot the bolt sizes and number of bolts as I am writing this post after 4 weeks of doing this swap.

Step1: Start by removing the shifter and then shifter housing from the w55. Make sure to put the transmission in neutral before doing so.
There are 4 bolts holding the shifter, 6 bolts for the shifter housing. The w58 has two additional 2 at the bottom holding the bracket (from what I remember).

In the picture below: Removing the 4 shifter bolts first

In the picture below: Removed the shifter and making sure the gear selector is in centred.

In the picture below: Removed the shifter housing

Step2: Loosen the bolt that's on the ball-piece. We need to transfer only this piece to the w58 in place of what's in there stock.

In the picture below: Loosening the bolt on the ball piece.

Step 3: Start to undo two hydraulic tensioners that keep the shifter bar/fork (if that's what it's called) in the middle and in turn keeps the shifter in centre and not fall left or right.

In the picture below: Removing the two tensioners.

In the picture below: The piece that needs to be swapped from w55 to w58 is marked in yellow. Notice everything is EXACTLY the same.


Step 3: Start Removing the reverse light switch and speed sensor. Be careful with the speed sensor as the thing itself could be jammed and prying it out would break it, so twisting the sensor should break it free and pulling it while twisting should work. I learned this the hard way but used the one from w58 and it worked lol.

Step 4: start to unscrew the bolts that hold the tail housing with the rest of the transmission.

In the picture below: Remove all tail housing bolts that hold the transmission together. The transmission in the picture is the stock w55 but it's the same for w58.

Step 5: Take a rubber mallet and start smacking the side of tail housing that gets attached to the sandwich plate. This should release some stress between the two surfaces and should make it easier to split them apart.

Step 6: There are two tabs on either side of the tail housing that are used to further split the tail housing from the transmission. Now you can get creative here and use different methods. I'll show what worked for me.

I used an extension that has the socket end wrapped with a good amount of electrical tape so that when you hit the tabs they don’t get damaged or worst break off. Hit the tabs slowly, and equal hits on both sides so the dowel pins don’t get crooked.
In the picture below: Hit the side tabs one after the other and not one side completely.

The tail housing should slowly start to split away from the sandwich plate.

Step 7: At this time small hits should do the work. Also keep in mind that the shifter bar/fork will slide out of the shifter housing and probably fall in. To prevent that, once you have enough space to hold the bar from the newly opened space, try holding the bar as someone else starts to pull the housing away. The ball piece should slide out of the shifter bar once there’s enough space.

Step 8: Now this is where you can save a lot of hassle. The ball piece that slides out of the shifter bar is the only thing that needs replacement. So take the w55 piece (it has have a ball on it, rather the shifter housing has a hole that sits on top of the ball). Make sure the piece is in the same orientation , slide it back on the shifter bar. The end of the shifter bar that is towards the gearbox actually stays in the middle of the selectors which means it's in neutral and it doesn't touch anything.

Step 9: After the piece from w55 is on the shifter bar/fork of the w58 you can start to clean the mating surface and use Toyota's red sealant ( or any high temp sealant ) and put the tail housing back on.

Step 10: If you've come this far, give yourself a pat or ask a friend to do so (give them one as well) because it's time to put everything back together. Start putting everything back as it came out and done!

I cannot upload any more pictures due to the limitation so if anyone has questions feel free to message, I will try my best to explain and help you out.

There is a video on YouTube from gearboxvidoes where he takes apart a w58 and rebuilds it. That video gave a all the help I wanted. So I do recommend watching that video.

If I missed out anything, my apologies, this is my first ever post on any car community forum. I decided to share it because 1. I want to give back something to the community as I gain a lot of knowledge from here. 2. There's another post about similar swap but the pictures are all long gone and blurry. So I thought it's a good idea to make a post.

Thanks! Enjoy!


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