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------------------IS300 Intake Help page-----------------------
This thread will be full of DIY, Intake installs, Comments and Questions for the Lexus IS300
1: JoeZ Intake---Can also make your own joez style intake tube ($50)
2: SRT Intake
3: Filter cleaning
4: MAF Cleaning, Header Install , 80mm TB
5: Manufacturers, Product Part #s ,Comments, MSRPs
On top of page #2 Intake Sound Clips..

DYI:#1 To Install Joe-Z Intake on a IS300 01-05
I just bought the car a month ago and this is my first Mod (when i told myself i wouldn't mod anything lol)
Figured i would post a DYI on my experience for future Newbie installs .

#1 Remove the Neg. on the battery , anytime you work around the engine bay this is a good idea. (also resets computer to recalculate for the mod 20mins off will do this)

#2 Next we need to remove that big black cover 4 bolts 10mm , easy just don't drop any of the bolts in the engine bay may take a bit of time to locate.

#3 Disconnect the vac hose at the rear of the intake tube . All you will need is your two fingers and slide off(I did this first , so when i got excited to pull old tube out i didn't yank it and cause other problems. )

#4 Grab your Phillips and loosen the clamps at each end of the intake tube for removal.

#5 Remove stock intake tube...

#6 Picture shows one of the benefits of upgrading to a Joe-Z intake . Inside of the intake tube and the resonator and this shows the non-direct flow of the stock intake tube ....Joe-Z is straight throw and free flowing .
(Stock intake tube)
#7 I now took the time to clean the Throttle body and MAF while i had everything apart , you don't have to but why not knock it all out . I just loosened the 5 bolts on the throttle body enough so i could spray both sides of the throttle body butterfly and used automotive rag to clean out . For the MAF i sprayed it out with a MAF/electronics cleaner ...

Throttle body was a little dirty...:jawDrop:

Bolt back up all 5 bolt and TB now clean and is back on.(When bolting up with your other hand support the TB from moving , makes it easier...
#8 Install New Joe-Z intake tube (there are a couple ways of going about this is only one way .)

I started with TB side (used windex to help slide on)

#9 Then to make it super easy i removed the bolts holding the air-box to the fender wall for easy install of the bottom of the tube to air box..

#10 Tighten everything down (don't over do it)
#11 I then swapped my stock filter for a Blitz Performance filter (too add some extra flow)

Stock ------------------------------------------------------ Blitz
#12 Double check make sure everything is tight and where its suppose to be , then put your big black cover back on (don't over tighten bolts)
#13 Reinstall the Neg on the Battery (leave hood open )
Get in your car START it up (mine really didn't wanna start the first time Second time fired right up (results may vary) Now its going to run ruff for about 15-30 sec. mine was only about 10 sec.
Now just let it run for 5-10mins soo the computer can check up ....During this time make sure everything is tight (shut hood)

Now Enjoy the best bang for your buck!!!! I noticed 3k to 6k rpm the car is more spirited and very smooth ....

Shout outs .....
Joe-Z ----Awesome quality product for true tuners A++++++
Cesar at Carson Toyota Awesome Service A+++++++

#2 SRT Short ram and R-ecu Complete Install
Thanks Lexus01IS300 for the write up!

Alright well I was looking around and thought it would be nice to have something to show the do it yourselfers that this install isnt hard. Since ive been on this forum ive noticed a few people ask where they should go to have their Srt Intake installed? Trust me its not that hard.

Tools Needed:

1) Phillips and Flathead Screwdriver
2) 10mm Socket and Rachet
3) Extension for the Socket
4) Soldering Iron or Gun (Your Preference)
5) Solder (Of Course)
6) Wire Strippers
7) Electrical tape

Now to get started

First thing you wanna do it disconnect your negative cable off your battery

Next thing we need to do is take off the OEM Intake system. First you gotta take the engine cover off which is being held on by 4 nuts. Once that is taken off take you phillips screwdriver and take off your MAF sensor on your intake tube.

Then there should be another sensor on the right side of the airbox being held on by a 10mm bolt. Take that off and disconnect the tubing to the airbox.

Now to take the intake off. There should be 3 10mm bolts holding the box in. This is where your extension comes in handy to get down and get them. Now you need to take off the bracket off up where the intake goes in to.

Once that is loose your will need to play around with it as it might be stuck on there abit. Once that is ready to come off disconnect the hose attached to the intake tubing up top. Now your intake should come out.

Next thing you wanna do it get the heat shield that came with your kit and put that in where your OEM airbox was.

Now you can install your new Srt Intake piping on just like the oem piping. Air filter will need to go on after you get the piping on and through the heatshield. Once that it on there connect your MAF sensor on your new piping with the new bolts that came with the kit. Make sure you have it on the right way (Should be an arrow). Your want the arrow pointing the way the air is flowing (Into the engine, Not towards your filter). Now we should be ready to move onto the ecu install.

Ecu Install:

First you need to take the 3 10mm bolts off of the cars ecu cover located behind the drivers side headlight.

Take off the cover, then you will need to unclip the white cover over the wire harness of the ecu.

Ok now for the stripping of the wires. You will only need to remove the insulation from the wires besides 1. The other 1 need will need to cut the wire. There is a few wires u might need to dig around to look for in the harness but easy to find. If you need to remove some of the tape holding the wires tight together. I only need to do this for 1 of the wires. Now this all depends on your year of the car. My car is a 01 so I followed the 01 Diagram.

Now finding the wires( in the pic above im on the drivers side looking down at the ecu.

In the red box (above pic) the 12v Black/Red wire is the first 1 in the left upper corner.

In the black box The Ground (Brown) wire is the first 1 in the left upper corner. The Sensor 1 (Green/Black) wire is *starting from the left upper corner* is 3 over and the 2nd one down. Sensor 2 (White/Red) wire is *starting from the right upper corner* is the 2nd one over.

In the blue box The Ignition RPM (Black/Red) wire is 3 over and the 2nd one down.

Now remember you dont need to cut them all just strip the insulation away. The wire you need to cut is Sensor 1 (Green/Black).

I just stripped all the wires first then moved on to soldering instead of doing 1 at a time.

Here is the diagram if the wording above was confusing enough :)

Now take the correct color wire from the Srt ecu and match them with the correct wires on the oem ecu from the above diagram (Remember, Above pic is for 01 model). The pic below is for the 02+

To start just wrap the wires around each other then solder.

Remember to use electrical tape and wrap them up good. Can be difficult because the wires are so close together(Maybe try liquid electrical tape)? You should have enough room in the ecu to put the Srt ecu in there. Then put the cover back on and bolt it up.

Now just bolt the engine cover back on and reconnect the battery and make sure everything is picked up before trying to start the car so you dont not drops and hits the fan ;)

When your all finished it should look like this

If you have any questions or compliants about this please let me know so I can fix it asap. I know I got poor grammar so please tell me if something is mispelled haha.

Of course remember to put the coupler on the ram air. forgot to take a picture with it on.

If you having any trouble referr to the pic below

Enjoy your new Srt Intake!!

--------------#3 Filter Cleaning-------------------------------------
Thanks to edgy
this method is THE BEST BY FAR!!!!! it is EASY & FAST!!! & relatively CHEEP too!!!!

OK... i just figgered this out last weekend...arguably the BEST method i have EVER used to clean Cotton gauze air filter media....i have been cleaning these types of filtersd for about 20 years :eek: now & nothing REALLY seemed to CLEAN the stuff thoroughly......

This started because i have an SRT intake w/a AFE filter, & i was cleaning it the usual way: spray on the cleaner let it sit.. .rinse it out... blah blah... it seemed to work OK... but i could ALWAYS still see dirt & crap stuck into the filter media down deep in the grooves/pleats... this was pissing me off... so i cleaned it three times the last time ...
soak with filter cleaner..let sit, .rinse...
soak again w simple green, let sit in the HOT sun...& rinse...
then AGAIN, soak with with orange glow cleaner & simple green then let sit & rinse....

STILL there was dirt & bug parts & oil grime down in the pleats & even at the ends of the outside pleats..... :pissed: :pissed: WTF!! & you DO NOT want to blast it from the inside with a water or air hose.. .you will damage the cotton that needs to stay in good shape to filter properly....

Then..I had an idea..

I got a small bucket... dumped two scoops of that Oxy clean crap /powder in it & then placed the filter in i poured 1 1/2 $1.39 2 liter bottles of generic CLUB SODA in the bucket.....(about 3 litres total...dep on the bucket you use...use a smaller one to use less Club Soda etc...)

WELL!!! that shit bubbled & foamed up almost Instantly & this greasy dirty film & TONS of dirt & crap just freaking JUMPED out of the filter gauze!!!!! the foam was all topped with this yellow filter oil & dirt & grime & bug detritus .. .it was amazing that all this crap was STILL in there after cleaning it traditionally 3 times..... the Club Soda was the trick for SURE the carbonation in that just 'boiled' the crap out of the cotton gauze fibers instantly...!!

SOO much crap came out i ended up using a piece of paper to scoop the nasty oily grime & dirt & such that was riding on top of the foam in the bucket out & dumped it so i would not have to lift the filter up & out thru that shit.... i swirled the filter around in the solution for about 3- 4 minutes & then let it sit for a minute or three.....finally I just shook it in the solution for a few seconds & pulled it out... OMG.. .it was CLEANER than NEW!!! I mean it was SPARLKING clean!!!! elapsed time: 10 minutes MAX!!

ALSO....this is VERY gentle on your filter media.. .(cotton gauze) & is MUCH better than blasting it with water & or air trying to rinse out the crap or blow it out all of which are highly discouraged by the filter makers....

let it dry properly, (Note without all that residual grease & grime still clogging the filter.. .it WILL DRY MUCH FASTER :D!) then oil it up & reinstall.... i actually have two filters so i do not have to wait on drying & oiling the filter to drive my car when cleaning filters i just keep one all oiled & clean & ready then i can take my time cleaning drying & oiling up the other one....

you can use ANY cleaning degreasing solution I would was the Club soda not the 'Oxy clean' that made the HUGE difference.. but feel free to copy this method to a 'T' if you want to....

this should be a sticky!!!

you are all welcome....!!


Ed G.
-----------#4 DIY MAF CLEANING -------------------------------
(Thanks to VP500)

I just tried helping out another member and figured it would be useful. Sorry for the bad pictures, I did not have enough lighting and my camera is not the best.

I forgot to add this step. This step is very important.
Be sure to clean these items too which are on the MAF sensor as well.

*****IS300 Header Install DIY***********************

*****80mm Throttle Body page**********************

*****Cam Gear Install*****************************

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Section 5
Manufacturer---------- Product Part #-- Comments-- MSRP*

AFE OE Replacement 30-10061 washable/reusable $70.23
AFE OE Replacement 31-10061 oil-free synthetic re-useable $52.67
Blitz OE Replacement 59505 cotton non-reuseable $46.00
K&N OE Replacement 33-2170 million mile warranty $70.76
Tom's Super Ram II 17801-TSP20 Foam re-useable $89.00
TRD High Air Flow PTR05-53010-08 washable/reusable oiled woven cotton $84.00
Upgraded Intake Pipe
Joe-Z Gen II Intake Pipe PM Joe-Z better flowing intake pipe, retains stock airbox ,Best bang for buck $99.00 (EST $160.00 JoeZ with drop in filter)

Intake Systems ****************************************
AEM Short Ram 22-464(B/R/P) Blue or Red powder coat or Polished,Very common CARB legal $190.56
Fujita F5 Intake SR-2401 polished short ram $214.40
Injen Short Ram IS2094(BLK/P) Black or Polished, now Gen III, Gen I&II caused CELs Best with Injen header heat shield$287.28
K&N Typhoon 69-8700TP includes heatshield, CARB legal $285.29
K&N FIPK 57-9018 includes heatshield,Plastic tubing less heat CARB legal $314.60
Mishimoto CF Intake MMCFI-IS300-01 carbon/kevlar intake never proven over priced $345.00
Rod Millen (RMM) Short Ram RMMIS011 includes heatshield $344.95
Swift Racing (SRT) Short Ram Proven 3.5" pipe, 5" filter, R-ECU A/F tuning box req. soldering $599.95

True Cold Air Intake ---------
LMS CAI Rare only true cold air intake made for the IS300 same as tube used in the LMS supercharger kits..Must buy used...$200.00

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I think you took it the wrong way. Thanks for being helpful!

Also, please reduce your signature to 5 lines or less.

Thanks :approve:
Naw i knew what you were getting at lol
Still trying to make my adjustment of 9 years into VWs to Lexus

Sig fixed ;)

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Hmm...I don't remember removing my Lexus engine cover when I did it on my '03 IS....although it was a few years ago.

Anyway, good writeup.

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although this is probably the simplest mod that really didnt need a write up... ill give you a +rep cause of the pictures and the time it took you to make the post haha good stuff
Thanks I needed something to do yesterday ....:) Thought there could be someone out there that could maybe use this lol...............

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Good write up but when doing this mod there is no need to take the negitive battery cable off. your just switching intake pipes and it really isnt going to mess with the air flow going into ur engine. and beside your sensor is before the joe-z pipe so there is nothing to recalculate.

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Good write up but when doing this mod there is no need to take the negitive battery cable off. your just switching intake pipes and it really isnt going to mess with the air flow going into ur engine. and beside your sensor is before the joe-z pipe so there is nothing to recalculate.
In the Joe-Z instruction it says too?!? .... Also I went ahead and cleaned my TB and MAF soo I just rec. to disconnect it ...All in all it doesnt hurt ...Thanks for the kind words also :approve:

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Oh wow.

Thanks for this write up.

I have had this intake just sitting in the box for a year.

Didn't know what to do.

Thanks for this in depth write up.

This thread should be stickied!

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^^ Gosh, you're fu*cking with us big time aren't you?!

Good write up, for what it's worth! You get my reppppagee
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*************Intake Sound Clips***************************
JoeZ Intake

***********SRT Intake with R-ecu*************************

************AEM Intake*************************************

************KN Intake***********************************

************LMS CAI***************************************

************Injen Intake*******************************


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Thanks Bezik...

Seriously tho... some of us are REALLY manually challenged and need an serious hand holding for the most remedial tasks.

I'll be getting mine soon for my '08 IS350, but the only thing I'm not sure about is whether or not I should unplug the negative.


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Thanks Bezik...

Seriously tho... some of us are REALLY manually challenged and need an serious hand holding for the most remedial tasks.

I'll be getting mine soon for my '08 IS350, but the only thing I'm not sure about is whether or not I should unplug the negative.

Some say you dont have to unplug ther terminal and some say to do it..
I on the other hand believe anytime im in the engine bay doing something or replacing something i unplug it ...It only takes 15 seconds to do it so i do.
As ecu may benifit from relearning the new new smooth flowing air in the intake ....some say it doesnt have to ...But again it doesnt hurt ...Also when i fitted the intake i for the first few hundred miles i let the trans in power mode in hopes maybe the ecu would learn more with the higher rpm driving again trying to benift more from intake in my eyes ....

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I just picked up and installed a used Joe Z intake from another user on this site, but with no instructions. It's definitely easy to do without instructions, but I appreciate the fact that I can double check what I should do from your post in case there was something I didn't know (like whether or not this might affect the MAF sensor). Some points to you for that. Thanks.
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