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Excellent additional info.

Between OP, Froggy and Toneekay this is an excellent DIY. My driver door lock stopped working with the FOB but I could hear it trying to do something, so I ordered a motor from Amazon using the info in this thread. I took my door apart and was stumped when looking at the rods - until I found Tonee's photos with drawings. If you can't figure it out after looking at your own door and looking at the drawings then take it to a shop.

One additional point of information if you are replacing the motor: Take pics as you disassemble. There is a small tab on the actuator motor that fits into one of two holes that are right next to each other on the frame that holds the actuator. I made the mistake of placing the tab in the wrong one and could not get the door to lock at all (even with the key). The next day I took it apart again and moved the tab to the correct hole and it's now working flawlessly.

Thank you to all who added to this DIY!
81 - 82 of 82 Posts