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Originally posted by arc300:
I don't post much here, but I certainly read most of the posts. I am a huge fan of the IS300, and I am having the dilemma of whether or not to spring for the 2001, or hold off for the 2002.

The only real options I am interested in for the 2002's is the armrest, and the all leather option.

Any news on the armrest addon for the 2001 model? I need definitely need an armrest.

I recently read that the escaine (sp?) is holding up better than people's expectations. Is this true? Would you still prefer it over an all leather option?

I am assuming all of the currently manufactured IS's have the ECU and Trac fix?

Are the tires and rims that big of a problem?

I am not interested in the stick. I would hate to go by the whole summer without having an IS300

Any thoughts or advice would be welcomed. I am also liking the idea of possibly picking one up that would be less expensive than a 2002.


You can have a custom armrest made. Search the forum. There will probably be a solution for 2001 after the 2002 comes out.

My escaine seems to be holding up, but it's only been 3 months
I much prefer this to all leather. Many will disagree, but it's much cooler on the a** on a hot summer day, and your thighs don't stick to it.

Any IS that arrived after Feb I think has the new ECU and TRAC

The tires and rims are a problem if you hit a pothole large enough to bottom out the suspension. I had my first bubble this week. It sucks, but no getting around that unless you opt for the 16".

Hope that helps.
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