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Any information of this alarm could be useful when i get mine installed.
Please e-mail me any complications that any of you have run into, or any information that may be pertinent for the installer to know....

Also... any suggestions on where to put the horn?

[email protected]

Will be installed tomorrow.... so urgency is requested.. thanks all!

YAY... finally get my baby back from the body shop... <damages from bastards COMPLETELY disabling factory alarm>

IS300 (white)
loaded w/o LSD

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I've installed DEI sidewinder.
The horn will fit perfectly on the firewall on the drivers side where the wires are.

Complications? Had a few of those.

When the remote start is engaging, make sure that it shortens "key-in" wires, or the OEM alarm will go off.

Tach wire is the black wire on the external "test" connector located on the "knee pad".

Make sure to keep the install manual, for it has the programming instructions.
Ex: I programmed mine to have parking lights on steady instead of flashing when remote-started.
I also re-programmed the keys so that "AUX" controls channel 4, "Panic" - channel 2, "AUX+Panic" - Panic.
This way I open all my doors w/ a press of the "AUX" button and open my trunk after pressing "Panic" for 2 secs.

I have hidden antenna inside roof lining, by the rear-view mirror. Had to remove driver-side A-pillar.

Let me know if you have any questions. I've spent 3 months of my "hobby" time on this.

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One more thing, when wiring parking lights, do not use internal relay and tie in (+) directly. Instead, switch internal jumper inside the alarm and tie in to the OEM relay using (-). Failure to do so may result in some things blown when the Auto Light-Off feature will go off.

If the installer will use the Valet key to disable engine immobilizer, make sure they only use the plastic part of the key, not the whole thing.

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