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I have an '02 MSM IS300 - auto, it's on lease and I have about 18 month left on my lease.

I got 22% tint w/ srt intake + ecu, everything else is stock.

I am currently at 33,000 miles with 18 months left.

I am only allowed 39,000 miles.

So I have 6,000 miles with 18 months left :(

At the dealer ship there is a 02 IS300 Black MT, that they said they will do a straight up swap with me for my IS300. Problem is that this IS300 from 02 doesnt have a moon/sun roof and cloth seats. Mine has escaine leather and a moon/sun roof. Of course I would be losing on this deal because I would have to purchase the 02 IS300 black MT and I'm not sure if I am confortable with that idea...

The payoff amount on my is300 is about 23k, I pay about 425$ per month,
my lease ends august 2005.

Should I stick with my lease (eat the cost of the extra milage) and wait for the is430?
Should I do the swap and get the black MT 02 IS300?
Should I buy my cay at the end of the lease at a price of 17k?

I was looking at the 350z roadster and they said they would give me 19k for my car... that would leave me 4k loss if I swapped my IS300 for a 350z.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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