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Guys, this is a GREAT cause, only $10.00 to get in (a $10.00 toy donation) and a chance to see hundreds of cool cars all gathered for a common goal. There is over a month to get ready so no excuses!

2nd Annual Motor4Toys Charity Drive

The Motor4Toys event for 2005 is well under way! Due to the overwhelming success of the Motor4Toys event in 2004, we expect the 2005 event to exceed the location capacity. If you attended the 2004 event, you know we had the 400 space parking lot completely full!

For the 2005 event, CountryWide has very generously donated their location off of the 101 fwy and Reyes Adobe Exit in Agoura (31303 Agoura road). The 2005 event is set to be held at Countrywide in Westlake, a much larger lot. If you would like to find out about how your auto club can have reserved spaces, please register as soon as possible! First come, first served. Although we will have a larger location, reserved spaces are limited!

We ask that you please bring your new, unwrapped toy valued at least $10 for as your entrance, to show your car and for your raffle ticket (1 ticket per toy). Last year we raffled off everything from a pair of fuzzy dice to a weekend at Racing School. Don't miss out!

We project that the 2005 event will have extensive media coverage leading up to and on the day, so be prepared for a spectacular event!

As much as possible, we work with generous donations from individuals, companies and organizations that care.


· Larger Location: Countrywide, Westlake
· Financial sponsors
· Private security
· Parking lot attendants
· Motorsports related items donated for the raffle / drawing
· Standy-By ambulance for the day and/or Trained First Aid
· Portable Restrooms & handwash stations
· End of day volunteers to help count, bag and load toys into USMC trucks

Here's a recap of last years event:
1st Annual Motor4Toys Charity Drive

On December 12th, 2004 Village Coffee Roaster along with the Southern California MotorSport Community came together for an unprecedented event. The First Annual Motor4Toys Charity Drive to benefit the Toys For Tots Program.

MotorSport Enthusiasts from all over made a special trip to drop off toys and show an array of exotic cars, to classics, to late models of every type. The event showcased a number of supercars including: Ferrari Enzo, Porsche Carrera GT, Cizeta 16T, as well as a number of Lamborghinis. We had representatives of just about every type of car imaginable with a dollar value in the many multiple millions of dollars.

The USMC was very generous to include a full Marine Corps presence including a custom USMC H1 Hummer and a number of Marines in Dress Blue. There were also representatives of every local and state law enforcement agency.

The goal of the event was to unite the Southern California MotorSport Community to raise as many toys as possible. The Marines have never picked up more than 300 toys at one location in one day. We donated a whopping 2050 toys!

It was an incredible display of generosity. The overall feel of the event was that it was absolutely "amazing".

The precedent has been set. Next year's event will be bigger, better and raise thousands more toys!

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