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I took my 2007 is 250 in for the safety recall ELF Gas leak to get done today and they are saying that my right rear shock absorber is leaking and should be replaced which also requires an alignment after which they want $771.20 for that. They also said my Throttle Body needs to be cleaned and injectors flushed. I don't disagree with them on that. I'm sure they do need to be cleaned considering the poor performance I've been receiving on response and gas mileage. (Just purchased the car preowned). For that they want $261.46.

With that being said, my questions are, are these reasonable fees? Am I better off buying a used shock absorber set for the rear and having someone else or myself install? Is is that hard to clean the throttle body? Any good products used to dissolve the gum and build up in the throttle body? Injectors flushed?

Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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