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Hey guys, im looking to get a 2002 to pretty soon and Im from the NYC area. Are there any dealers i should avoid/ or that you guys recommend?(NY/NJ/long island/PA)?
Thanks alot.
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Toobad that bold only comes in bold, and not BOLDER or super-f***ing bold...
Avoid Bob Ciasulli
If you do happen to see him, I hope you're strapped, for it is your duty to execute him or his sales/service reps on sight.
I just ordred one from Lexus of Greenwich and had great service. Also spoke with John Capozzi of Rallye Lexus and he was a great guy. Just didn't have everything I wanted. Hope this helps
warnock lexus of livingston, nj has all good marks in my book. mike (sounds like...lioli) was my rep. real nice guy. service department seems about as knowledgeable as the rest...i tend to think it's not really all their fault.
if you're looking for a dealer for service...i'd recommend them. esp since we don't want you getting arrested if you have to go back to bobby's place for an oil change.
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Don't know where you are but I would avoid Lexus of Manhattan...they are very sheisty over there. They are still denying knowledge of ECU/TRAC update. I heard service their sucs as well.When I was looking for SBM/Black..they tried to tell me the combo didn't exist. I Recommend Ray Catena in Larchmont. My sales guy was George Tanner. Excellent Service people too.
Zor Prime- you are on the money about Lexus of Manhattan. Their dealers are actually pretty good, but their service dept. sucks balls. I've been bugging them since last Oct. and they still won't do the ecu update for me. Zor Prime, have you gotten your ecu update yet? If so, where? Where in Queens are you from? I'm in Flushing.
What is this ecu update, should I be concerned?
I am in the range of VINS affected but I haven't gotten it yet because I hardly experience any of the hesitation. The trac engages early though. I am in Rosedale, Queens. I have never really asked Ray Catena, but I believe they do know about it. I was going to wait awhile since..some people notice an improvement and some say that it is the same. IN NYC you would have better luck with New Jersey/CT dealerships if you want it done quickly.
Some people have experienced mild to moderate hesistation between 2-3 gear. Especially when rolling to a stop then stepping on the throttle, feels like a dead pedal for an instant..(happened to me once) Also the trac engages early when going around a corner. you are gonna have to check your VIN number. The range is posted somewhere on this board. This is one of those MUST search of the most popular topics. If yours is a newer IS you may be okay.
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