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dealer test drive rules????

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i am a licensed 16 year old and the lexus dealership in my area won't allow me to test drive an IS300. ive heard of ford dealerships and honda dealerships allowing licensed 16-17 year old teenagers a chance to take a test drive. Im sure BMW would allow me a test drive if i asked, and (my dad) was 100% willing to purchase the car. I really love the IS300 (especially after seeing the pics posted on this site) but it seems that the dealership isn't willing to do what it takes to sell their cars. I am now intersted in the 330ci. back in May the dealership in my area wasn't willing to budge past the "lexus loyalty" price break on a 2000 GS300. My dad ended up purchasing a 328i, and now he and i are both in love with bimmers. Im sure if they had given my dad a better price break, we would still have 3 lexuss (lexi) in our family. Im very disappointed in Lexus. Lets hope the L-Tuned editions will draw back buyers
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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