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Its a 2 point question.

1) What kind of service agreement came with your car when you bought it? ex.. 3yr- 36,000 or just a few oil changes.

2)If you had your oil changed. How good of a job did they do, as far as being messy.

I know its hard to change the oil when you just drove it in without it sitting for awhile but damn, They got the $hit everywhere. They tried to wipe it clean but its all over my front shocks, hoses, insides of my tires, and its even lying in my plastic skid plate. Is it me or is this OK. I have always done it myself, This is the first. And the reason is that I had a Truck that they (not lexus) stripped the oil plug out and they said WE DIDNT DO IT. Had to buy a new OIL PAN.
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