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will they replace mine since there is fogginess and looks like condensation inside of them? if i do get new ones how can prevent this from happening again, my hid's look dull compared to when i got my car because of the fogged up lenses.

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March 2, 2001


'01 IS 300

A production change has been made to reduce the possibility of slight water condensation in the bottom edge of the headlamp. The following repair procedure has been developed to address those vehicles in the field that exhibit the condition.

Applicable Vehicles
2001 model year IS 300 vehicles.

Warranty Information

Applicable Warranty *:

This repair is covered under the Lexus Basic Warranty. This warranty is in effect for I 48 months or 50,000 miles, whichever occurs first, from the vehicle's in-service date.

* Warranty application is limited to correction of a problem based upon a customer's specific complaint.

Repair Procedure

1. Replace the headlamp assembly with supply part. Refer to the 2001 IS 300 Repair Manual, Volume 2, page BE26. steps 1(a) through 1(f) for details.

2. Clean the surface area of the hole at the front fender panel with a degreasing agent to ensure proper adhesion of the seal tape.

3. Apply the seal tape to plug the hole as shown in the illustration.

NOTE :Confirm headlight aim is correct after completion of this procedure. Refer to the 2001 IS 300 Repair Manual, Volume 2, pages BE-35 and BE-36 for details.

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