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because it was based on the survey i filled out for my last service.
lexus headquarter sent me the survey regarding last service i went.
so i filled it out based on how i was treated.
as soon as i came in to the dealer today, the service manager sent me out and refused to service my car.
i left the dealership without any words.
if the service manager and his team wont change the way how to service the customer then i'm sure that he will receive more and more surveys that he doesnt want to see.
i guess that my survey really hurted the service or the dealership in some ways.
i didnt know that lexus corp will send the survey informations to the dealer with my informations on it. anyone know this?

i dont know if anyone from the dealership will be reading this post... either yes or no i dont know what to say

i will not reveal the dealship name at this time... maybe sooner or later

its not a problem for me to take my car elsewhere...

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