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Just to keep things rolling...

My localer dealers are getting
familiarized on the IS300 right now.
The regional Lexus rep goes from
dealer to dealer giving them a little
IS300 sales class. They get little
pocket "dealer info" books. Basically
all the specs you have seen in my
"SUMMARY OF INFO" postings are in
there. Also it contains a comparison
chart contrasting IS300 to BMW 328i,
Audi A4, Mercedes C-280, etc.

So if your dealer is sharp, they should
know all about the car now.

If you really want to give your dealer
a hard time ask him why the IS300 has
worse gas mileage than any of the

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I am the Area Technical Manager for Lexus in the Central U.S. I am assisting the field reps with their in-dealership presentations. I handle all of the technical and engineering questions. If you have any questions on the car, I'd be happy to answer.

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Do you know the torque converter
stall speed?

Does you know if the speedometer
is electronic or via a cable from the

Do you know the dimensions of the moonroof?

Would you expect the car to be faster 0-60
if left in full auto (sport mode) or by manually shifting (with M-mode)
[assuming the driver is very precise at
timing the manual shifts...]

Is the 1-2 shift always handled by
"the computer" even if the transmission
is in manual mode?
[If so, what RPM will it do the shift in normal or sport mode?]

Why the low gas mileage?
Where does this highway go to?

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