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Dealer cost for Warranty?

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OK honestly I tried searching to find this out and found one response "I think it is $975.00"

I was wondering if anyone knows the dealer cost of extending the warranty out to 100,000 miles. Yes, I realize that Lexus are THE MOST reliable automobiles made, but I tend to drive cars pretty hard and average 20-25,000 miles a year, hence the factory warranty wouldn't last me too long and I don't mind paying extra for the security blanket (although I DO MIND overpaying for it)


oh and if anyone knows how I can get proof (maybe printable proof) this would definately come in handy for negociation purposes!!! Thanks All!!!
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anyone? Don't just read this and pass it along... post a reply!!!
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I paid 475.00 for the gold deal for 7/75000.
i bought my car from a relative who happens to be a lexus sales manager. the retail for the 100,000 mile package was 1,495 as i remember. the dealer cost for it was around $1000 to $1100. if you drive hard, it's not a bad deal. but it is a thousand clams out of your pocket. i've had japanese cars for 15 years now and i have never had a repair (outside of normal wear and tear) that cost more than $50. so i decided to take the gamble and not get it.
I bought the 100,000 mile thing for $1,100. I plan on keeping the car for a long time...and the price seemed reasonable. That was the only extra I bought.
thx you guys.. I was figuring on 1000-1100.
My all, what do you usually get covered by 100K extended warranty? Thanks.
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