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Day at the beach

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I just came cack from Hapton Beach NH,What a nice day.I saw quite a few sweet cars,I only saw 1 Silver IS300 though. I saw a beautiful black Lamborgini, WoW! What a car!!!!!!!It was obnly coasting down the boardwalk when I saw it, but man, that will make you look! I also saw 2 Honda S2000's 1 yellow & 1 Silver, Very nice also. One my way home,on the opposite street from the boardwalk, it was stop & go traffic. While I was stopped, this Dodge Ram pickup V-10 jacked up so high off the ground stops on the side of me due to traffic,then he poped it in neutral & push the pedal down slowly, & man it went from a silent purr, to eventually a roaring reving sound that had the whole strip looking & made me roll the windows up. Damn, that was sick! It looked like it had alot of mods. I was surprised that I only saw 1 IS300, ther are not to many in my area,as far as I know....
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