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I came across this tuning tool a while ago.

Data Log Lab

I told a few members about this but I don't think they got a chance to play with it since their car is still under the knife. Well being as brief as possible, the tool interprets your log files and helps to give you some meaningful data. As a DIYer, I constantly log my tune and try to make tweaks in the search of horsepower (safely) or to improve drivability. Drivability I can feel but horsepower is something that's isn't too noticeable on the butt dyno. Well the nice thing about the Data Log Lab tool is it can generate a butt dyno graph based on your logs. According to the site, it's accurate to about 2-5%.

I have probably about 50 or so log files and I found one I made last summer to test out their butt dyno graph.

Here's the snap shot, it's a 1st to 3rd gear pull. It looks like my clutch is starting to slip too during my 3rd gear pull oh well...time to upgrade later on.

From this log, I generated a butt dyno graph. I had to enter information like the weight of the car, weight of the contents, gear ratio, and tire size. But here's the graph.

Here's the graph from 2nd.

Here's the graph for the 3rd gear pull.

Not sure how accurate the last 2 graphs are since the clutch began to slip a bit and it seems like the torque figures are way too high. I'll probably do another 2000 RPM to 7000 RPM 3rd gear pull next summer to get a better butt dyno estimate.

But whoever has the following engine management systems, give Data Log Lab a shot and play around with it.

Apexi Power FC
FC Datalogit - Tuning Software for your APEXi Power FC

Electromotive Tec-2
Electromotive, Inc. patented Direct Ignition and Total Engine Control

Electromotive Tec-3
Electromotive, Inc. patented Direct Ignition and Total Engine Control

Flyin’ Miata Link
None required
Flyin' Miata 1 800 FLY MX5s

General Engine Management Systems Ltd

Hydra Nemesis 2.1
Nemesis 2.1 Software
Hydra EMS Worldwide - Nemesis Engine Management System

Innovate LM-1 and LM-3
Universal Digital Tuning Products and Tuning Tools from Innovate Motorsports

Link Engine Management Link

Link Engine Management Link Plus

Link Engine Management Plug-In

Nissan OEM
Nissan Datascan
Nissan Data Scan ver. 1.4

CSV format files only
Turbo XS

Xede Tuning Software

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Ahh..this is an awesome tool! I'll have to do some exploring. Thanks for the link! +rep.
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