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Hey there guys!

Long time stalker here first time poster. Recently picked up my first is300, and I am so excited about it. I sold my Volkswagen and was looking for something fun. Really I was in the market for another e46 or a Saab. But with a $3000 budget I wasn't really looking at an is300 or even considered it. My best friend works at his dad's small used car dealer and was on the hunt for a car for me and when he took this IS in on trade, he called me immediately. Just a few days later I made the trek from upstate NY down to Worcester MA to pick up my new toy.

She's a two owner, Auto( didn't want a auto car but eh what can you do) 184k. The glovebox is stuffed with everything that's ever been done to the car, including records of its first purchase, second purchase in 2004 with 28k and the original window sticker.

On to the pictures!

Two weeks of ownership and a few goodies have come in, more to come!

And a shot with my other baby

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