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Damn... i was driving fast...

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When the light turned green, I pressed the gas pretty hard... I was accelerating pretty fast... then suddenly ... i look in my rear view mirror, in what looks to me as a Ford Explorer. I was like... I can take this i gun it... Then out of nowhere he guns it like crazy ( i thought he was already gunning it) This is insane...Then, as he is passing me... (really quickly by the way... i was at about 90 and he was at probably 105) .. I see that its not an Explorer... but a Ford Lightning. Damn... i never knew they went that fast. Thats just crazy.

( He burned Me solid... but then when i looked at the will rocket to 60 mph in under six seconds.) ... I now have a new thinking for pickups

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IMO, a truck is a truck....main purpose it to haul big things.

it might be fast and all, but speed and performance is meant for the 2dr/4dr coupes and sedans.

plust it's a ford. YUK!
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