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Damn Homelink transmitter!

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I cant seem to get it to work. I did everything the manual said: Deleted all the memory, held down the button till it flashed, held the garage door opener right next to it and pushed its button. BUT IT JUST WONT WORK!!!!! Am I doing anything wrong?
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well the dealer did it for me...

well it should work, you press both of them simultaneously right??
Yuo need to hold them both down until the lexus homelink switches from slow blink to fast blink
You probably have a rolling code setup. The Homelink light flashes differently as is documented in the manual.

i had the same problem only with my garage but my gate worked fine. my uncle switched some frequency thing on my garage and it worked. look on the garage opener compartment and see if there are any switches to set the frequencies to an open channel. i think that it prevents trespassers by blocking it. so undo the switch and the homelink will hopefully work. i'm not sure though. laterz
i just read the homelink site and yeah..i guess that is more clear. oh well..i tried
You have a rolling security code, which means that you'll need to press the "learn" button on the garage opener.

I had the same problem. The local Lexus dealer gave me the homelink 800 number and they walked me through the programming steps. Took 5 minutes and works like a champ now

check ou the archives, there are some very detailed instructions.

in a nutshell.....

reset the homelink thing first.
then hold down a button till it flashes.
Press your original garage door opener.
once the homelink has learned your code, you have to get your main garage door opener unit to learn the homelink code.

so on the main unit, press your "learn button" whatever that is. and then run down to your car and press the homelink button.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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