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Hey guys, I need help.
Just recently bought myself an 2003 5spd Is300 with around 175k mileage on it.
This is my first time working on an older car, and I don't really understand how to describe this issue.
I found this while doing a timing belt / gasket replacement maintenance. :crying:

The provided images is a picture of the cylinder head from the VVTI side.
Is this a normal wear and tear thing for an old car?
It doesn't look normal at all, and looks all cut up from my perspective.
The camshaft itself doesn't have any damage on them, and I don't see any metal shavings (chunks) left over in it too.
I really hope this wasn't caused by me...

Any guidance and advice will be grateful. Thank you.

Edit: Added another image. This is the exhaust side. It's also missing the whole chunk of metal...


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