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I have been researching for months now, and I've been reading these forums for longer, but one thing that is now driving me nuts is outdated info.

Could someone please post Standalone ECUs and Harnesses that are current, not discontinued, products? I've searched plenty, but I'm not necessarily looking to pay as little as possible as it seems I keep finding people post about. (Think over-built to handle fast but dialed down boost, reliable, and not necessarily cheap)

I'm looking for ecu/harness combos (I don't mean it has to be from the same manufacturer) for the 02-05 is300 with the factory vvti ge engine. Wanting to run in parallel with my factory ECU.

So far the only complete combo kit I've been able to find that I know will work is the AEM EMS offered on Dezod's website for the IS 300.

I'm aware of the megasquirts, other AEMs, ProEFIs, and Haltechs... but which ones exactly and what harnesses to plug in is where I'm hitting a road block.

Any more options you guys have to throw out there for me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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