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croddy - lime rock question for you

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If you don't mind, I had a couple of questions. I think you already said you are running the whole lime rock course?

Cool - anyway - are you leaving the car in auto or manual/e-shift? Both, or, what ever the mood calls for?

I've not taken my IS to the track yet. Trying to see what others do. From what I've done on the road, it seems cumbersom as all hell. I couldn't imagine driving Sears Point using it...

So - if you don't mind, shoot either an email or message with comments how it drove. I'm interested.

There is a Thunder Hill event with another club I'm in. If my other car is not ready, I was thinking of using my IS. We'll see what they say

Maybe just a hot lap or two.

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On the track I use e-shift. I want the car already in its power band and not have it downshift when I am comming out of a corner accelerating. I do the downshifting when braking before the corner and while the wheel is straight prior to turn in. Hope that helps. Also, the e-shift is less cumbersome on the track than you might think. You should not have to move your hands from the 10&2 possitions at any time. I have taken some very tight hairpins and was taught that it could be done. It take some getting used to, but once you do it helps you control your car better. Have fun. What is the other car?
You would think with all the technology, espesially throttle by wire, that it could rev-match the downshift for you. I do not know a way around it, but I do wait until almost right before the turn in to down shift so that I am as slow as I can be. Chris, you should sign up for the NASA time trial at Lime Rock in August. I will be there. We can have a little friendly competition.
Originally posted by ckolsen:
[QB]I don't like the way the IS300 downshifts, the car jerks bad - like if you downshift on a clutch and don't give it any gas. Is there any way around that?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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