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Just a quick question to all of you out there..

Do any of you notice that when you guys get outta the car it sometimes makes a squeaking sound from the rear tire area?

this post would proly be suited to the 2001 is300 owners more so than the 2002 is300s..

i know some people have heard this small dinging noise as well while driving..

what i would like to know is how good, and for how long, does a stock shock or the stock components that deal with the "bouncing/ potholes" while driving, hold up before they might need to be changed?

does a shock last forever?
also, i know you can buy after market shocks.. would that be ideal for is300s running an aftermarket set of sway bars (such as hotchkis) and still running stock height?


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1. the squeaking sound when you get out is your suspension unloading or whatever

2. the little 'clink' noise, if that's what you're talking about, is the brake pads or something along that line shifting position... i normally only hear this after reversing, as in the first time i use my brakes afterward..

3. your shock is dead when you can get your car to bounce.. grab the wheel well and lift up. when you release, look to see if your car bounces before settling down. another way to know you shocks are dead is to look directly at it.. is there oil leaking out of the shaft?

4. no, a shock won't last forever. as far as shocks for a stock height car, i would say Tokico HPs, or bilstein HDs.. unless you really want the adjustability.
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