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Cracked winshield

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I was hit by a flying projectile on the freeway and it shattered my windshield. Since the car is new,I have to buy if from the dealership at $850!
Some dealerships (Marin lexus in CA) did not even know what to do...they are a bunch of idiots that are quite unhelpful.
Anyone else replaced their windshield??
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I think your insurance company might cover it. You should look into that.
I got my windshied replaced. It cracked after I left my car outside last winter. The insurance company covered it for me. I have a Toyota and wanted a toyota windshield, and at first the insurance company did not want to buy a Toyota made winshield so I made a big deal about it and they got it. Make sure they use the right winshield don't settle for a generic one not made for your car.
I hit a rock on the freeway and cracked my windshield too. I just had it repaired. It was about the size of a nickel and they sealed it up. There is a tiny spot there now but you cant real notice it. It costs 40 or 50 bucks and my insurance paid for it
This is what happen to mine...something hit me while I was on the freeway...going about 70 mph. Pretty freakin scary when it happen...


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HOLY you know what hit your window?? thats some major cracking.
DAM! That must have scared the sh*t out of you. When I cracked mine (which was WAY smaller than that) It made me jump out of my seat. I couldnt imagine what it was like with a crack that big
Hell yea that scared me!! I'm lucky it didn't go thru the windshield or else it would've done some major damage to me since it was on the driver's side. To this day, I still don't know what hit me. It all happen in a split second so I didn't have time to look back to see what the hell that thing was. All the damage was done pretty much to the windshield and some body work on the panel. Re-paint, insullation, all the crap cost a bundle....Thank goodness for insurance...
Hey DMX,
Did you go to the dealership and pay $850 for thrm to fix it?
Mine looks like that but its on the passenger side, something hit me around cars were around, so it is still a mystery!
Case of the X Files. Looks like a small meteorite hit it, haha. Glad your insurance covers it. I'd freak out if that happened to me. Must've made quite a noise. Small pebbles kicked up by trucks on the freeway make me jump every time.

I actually did go to the dealership but they sent me to a body shop that does all thier cars for them that need body work. Somewhat of "third party" for the Lexus dealership. The shop got it done for me for $800. The glass itself cost $500, so the rest included labor. Insurance covered half. Took three days. Looks brand new cuz they repainted the paneling and everything. Even up close I can't tell if there was an accident or not. You got pics of your windshield?
I will post pics of the cracked windshield after I develop the film. I had been waiting for a week to get the windshield, Im finally going in on monday. Fortunately there is no body damage, just the windshield.
DAMN! That was a boiling ball not a rock chip.
Those "boiling" balls are harsh
My insurance covered it, I paid 250 bucks of the 754.92 bill, that included labor and the misc. crap the window guys needed.

2001 Lexus IS300
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