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I am not a suspension expert, so correct me if I am wrong. A car with good turn-in should allow the driver to feel effortlessly when going into a corner. If you turn the car into a corner, and the car does not resist at all, then the car has good turn in. It is more to do with just weight distribution of the car and the weight itself. It has to do with how the car's balance is shifted to you turn the wheel. A good turn in car generally has either very little understeer or a bit of oversteer (such as go-kart).
This is why I said my car now has S02 Poleposition (at 35psi) and a good alignment have very good turn in compare to the stock tires. The car feel alot closer to neutral, and you do not have to do anything when turn into a corner, because the car just seem to do it by itself.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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