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Hi folks,

I decided to open a thread on this as I am seriously considering purchasing this car and since I am a tech freak bla bla bla...

Just wanted to know of any cool features or esthetics with this car.
I did indeed notice one unique never before seen thing is the white lighting on the license plate :) , is this an option ?

Any others that come standard ?


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The white lights are not an option... many of the new Lexus models have LED lights for the license plates.

Hmm... what else could you find interesting?

  • the headlights can turn when you turn the steering wheel
  • the seats are heated and cooled (ventilated)
  • you can watch DVD movies in the NAV screen
  • after 2006 the traction, stability and other control systems could be turned off FULLY by pressing one button
  • there's an auxiliary input and extra cupholder under the center armrest
  • the back of the front seats were carved out for 2008 to all for more leg room
  • the engine has both direct injection AND port injection
  • you don't need to use a key to get in or start the car (KEY FOB)
  • push button starter
  • there are coloured rings in the speedo and tach that you can set up to light up at a certain speed and engine rev
  • there are knee airbags
  • the front air bag is a twin kidney shape so that they hit your chest/shoulder and don't have the full impact in the middle of your face

Hmm... did I miss anything...?
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