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Considering IS300M

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Thanks to the helpful people on the board, I have reconsidered my stance on possibly getting a used IS3 and now am also considering the '02 IS300M.

Things I would like to know if anyone has this info:

1) When will is be available, not just to order, but to pick up?

2) How much will it cost?

3) Will full-leather ever be an option (instead of leather/ecsaine)?

4) I heard the luxury package will be dropped. Will it then be possible to get a BLACK interior, with LSD, and with walnut switch plates in California? Right now I have to go out of state to get a car like this.

thanks in advance,
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Originally posted by BigDaddyRich:
Full leather will be an option, but why would you NOT want the escaine seats? I love them?
Word, aside from maybe having to clean it after spilling a chili dog on the seat, I don't know why you wouldn't get this over leather. I know most people probably don't agree w/ me, but I don't like the full leather. I mean, I like it beter than cloth, but Escaine rocks 'em both.

Escaine won't get painfully hot/cold.
Escaine costs less than leather
Escaine grips and hold you in the seat thru hard cornering; I hate leather for this reason.
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