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Considering getting IS300 or BMW325

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I'll get a new car in about three months,
and I'll most likely to get BMW325Ci or IS300
I just love the body of IS300, but few
problems makes me consider BMW325Ci instead of IS300.
I really suck at memorizing directions,
so I NEED TO GET NAV. However, there's none
available in IS300 YET. Also I'm hearing
the ride is harsher than BMW, but if it is not too harsh, I guess I can live with that. I don't know how to drive manual, so standard automatic means saving $1000, so it's pretty good. I'm concerned about reliability. I know how reliable lexux cars are, but IS300 is a new car, which means there's not much proved. Also the thing constantly bothers me is that IS HAS NO ARMREST!! I always drive with my left arm on the armrest. Is there any aftermarket ones? Oh, and are aftermarket NAVs as good as factory ones? I have to get NAV on my car.
Also is sound system good? I want good bass, and clean sound. I know IS has good handling, terrific brakes, and good accelation. I'm assuming that the accelation is better than AT BMW325. Am I right? Coz I'm definately gonna floor it most of times I'm accelarating, and I like to feel that G-Force pinning me in the sit. Oh, and how much can you get off the MSRP? I'll definately get it fully loaded, and I live in VA. Oh, It's getting pretty long. Thanks for reading, and any advice would be appreciated.

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Does the armrest really matter that much???? Just get the get a nice @$$ car, tite lexus service, and chicks dig the car. What else could you ask for?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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