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Considering getting IS300 or BMW325

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I'll get a new car in about three months,
and I'll most likely to get BMW325Ci or IS300
I just love the body of IS300, but few
problems makes me consider BMW325Ci instead of IS300.
I really suck at memorizing directions,
so I NEED TO GET NAV. However, there's none
available in IS300 YET. Also I'm hearing
the ride is harsher than BMW, but if it is not too harsh, I guess I can live with that. I don't know how to drive manual, so standard automatic means saving $1000, so it's pretty good. I'm concerned about reliability. I know how reliable lexux cars are, but IS300 is a new car, which means there's not much proved. Also the thing constantly bothers me is that IS HAS NO ARMREST!! I always drive with my left arm on the armrest. Is there any aftermarket ones? Oh, and are aftermarket NAVs as good as factory ones? I have to get NAV on my car.
Also is sound system good? I want good bass, and clean sound. I know IS has good handling, terrific brakes, and good accelation. I'm assuming that the accelation is better than AT BMW325. Am I right? Coz I'm definately gonna floor it most of times I'm accelarating, and I like to feel that G-Force pinning me in the sit. Oh, and how much can you get off the MSRP? I'll definately get it fully loaded, and I live in VA. Oh, It's getting pretty long. Thanks for reading, and any advice would be appreciated.

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Just a bit of caution:

You said you want a good audio system, right? If you're not going with aftermarket audio, you'll want the Harman Kardon upgrade in the 325. Unfortunately, you can't get the HK and the BMW Nav system simultaneously. Also, some people on have expressed some dissatisfaction with the BMW nav system, so I would guess that aftermarket nav might be better.

The 325i (dunno about the Ci) doesn't have an armrest either unless you get the Premium Package (again, I dunno if an armrest is a stand-alone option & climate control isn't standard either, if that matters).

A 325Ci is a pretty decent bargain (IMHO), but you can't go wrong with either car. Probably the best thing to do is test drive both (the cars AND the dealers) and then decide. Oh, and another thing...a good deal on a 3-series is $1500 over invoice.
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