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I too hated bmw drivers prior to buying one. Now I can honestly say I do drive a little more like a prick than I used to in my Saab. However, the reason for this is that every light I pull up at some young punks are trying to take me off the light regardless if they are in a civic, grand am, or a neon. After trying to ignore this 4 or 5 times I finally started getting fed up and started hammering this kids and their egos (I did get dusted today by a MB 560). Look I'm past the stage where I want to race people but ego gets in the way and maybe bmw drivers are generally pricks is because everyone is always challenging them! Or at least that's my excuse for now.
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It is not unusual for people to try to f*ck w/, make that challenge, the best, but they also die like the rest.
I am such a prick!

We poor bimmer owners get pick on on the road and get bash on non-BMW forums. Can we have some sympathy please?
HAHAHA... I'm sorry, but that sounds so teenager-ish. Let those people race you if they want to. They drive mustangs, neons, etc. You drive a german car. Let it happen, who cares. The most plausible reason they want to race is that they want to prove to themselves that their RICED out grain rocket might be able to beat a stock (INSERT YOUR MAKE AND MODEL HERE) car. I will admit blowing people away once in a while in my Benz, but I usually don't give a hoot what the driver next to me is doing unless it endangers me.
well said, i havent had many challenges in my SBM IS300 yet, only one so far, a mustang (not even a gt) today and i didnt bite, most people i pull up to are too busy staring to challenge me, and the neons, civics, eclipses only press that chirp chirp button on their alarms or grin and point
Well, not all (brief) races I partipate in are annoyance motivated.
Sometimes it is just plain fun to tangle w/ a fellow car enthusiast. afterall, what's the point of owning a sports car if you don't make it dance every once a while.
Just like in sports, it suppose to be fun.
That's very true....I for one encountered so many of these car enthusiasts, we even pulled over after drag-racing for a while and started talking......But you just have to be smaart enough to pick on the right individuals to drag-race......Pick the wrong ones, they may shoot at you!!!
fun is fun but unsafe is stupid
ie blazing by known cop hiding places
ie through a school zone while school is in session
ie through blind curves, hills or intersections

but it is fun to play catch up on the open roads, freeways and so on
and to put a honduh in its place!
bow down to my almighty IS300 hahahaha
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Well I have to say when I Drive my Daily '00 Honda Civc Si Every prick wants to race me.. Yet in my M3 no one even tried to .. Man what is up with that.
Sadly enough the first car that reved on me at a stop light was a late eighties early ninties Nissan hardbody truck. I looked over and his friend was laughing so they must have been kidding. But I still took the time to blow them away off the line.

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Yes I know racing is a little immature ... but just last week I was playing cat and mouse with this girl in a convertible mustang for about 20 minutes and luckily we were both going to the same area so I pulled up at a light and asked her if she wanted to stop for some coffee ... she did not have time but gave me her number and we went out last Friday. So a little racing when done sensibly never hurts.

If I ever had any thoughts about being a BMW owner you have dashed them. I had no idea the car could turn you into a prick. I know what you mean though in the way some
owners drive (like pricks). I always thought that was just the way they were before they got the car. Thanks for setting us straight.
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