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So upon further research it looks like there are 2 types of AR5 (MA5 really) in the colorados/canyons and hummers. It depends on whether it is 4x4 or 4x2. We want the 4x2 version. That looks to mount up like the solstice/sky AR5.
What I have been able to find, and kind of just deductively say this, that 2004-2012 Colorados as long as they are 4x2 trucks and not V8, they use the same transmission.
I say that because when I looked up the part number for the manual trans for a 2005, found this:
This says this transmission fits a 2004-12 Colorado and Canyon. I assume that any year in there with the 1jz bell housing, with the 5mm shim I posted above, and the custom shifter, should work in the IS.
I plan on trying to go to get that transmission at my local yard tomorrow morning, if its not pouring rain. I'll let you know what I find. I believe its a 2005 truck 4x2 that it is from, from what I can find on
Did you ever end up going farther with this project?? I'm very interested as there are no Solstice AR5s nearby, yet plenty of Colorado ones.
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