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So why did you quit football?
a lot of reasons.

(i was a red-shirt freshman wide receiver)

it wasn't fun anymore
i didn't enjoy being out there
our playing calling was horrible
my position coach looked down on me because i'm small and white
i dislocated my thumb towards the end of the season, the trainer said it was fine yet i still can't grip things very well and it hurts to catch passes now
i broke my collar bone my junior year in high school and its been bothering since about half way through the season (no problems before. now i get weird pains in it)

i felt like it wasn't worth it to put my body at risk if it wasnt somethign i loved doing anymore. during the season i was miserable and always stressed out because of the coaches, my parents, and mainly the pressure i put on myself. even though i didnt like it anymore i still worked hard and did the things i was supposed to.

yes i've been told that the freshman season is always the hardest, especially if you are red-shirted. but i was the guy that enjoyed going to practice, work outs, camps, and everything no matter how hard it was. i found ways to make it fun. it wasn't like that this year. i knew i wasnt going to play the first year (probably not at all) but i still wanted it to be fun. and it wasnt.

it's hard because i grew up around football and have been doing for as long as i can remember. it was in my family but i'm just burnt out on it and ready to start a new life.

thats cool. there were a couple guys on the football team that were high school cheerleaders. and my girlfriend joined a competitive cheer team after high school (she didn't want to cheer for college. but wanted to keep cheering?). so i would go hang out with her and all of them. no offense to you or anything but i always thought there was something wrong with guy cheerleaders. but i hadnt really ever talked to one or anything. the guys she cheers with are all pretty cool so i'm sure you are too :approve: it definately changed my point of view.

and you cheered at KU? that's pretty cool. one of the guys that graduated with my brother is an assistant on the football team (some kind of manager or something).

my dad also played football there in the early 80's. then went on to play 8 years in the NFL (not a big name player). so that also makes my decision alittle harder lol.

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I was a cheerleader...really

My partner and me:

My teamates:

...probably the greatest sport a guy can ever be apart of.

Haha +rep for having the balls to be a guy cheerleader. Then again it looks like anyone who mocks you for it would get there ass kicked...
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