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Cold weather hardens tires?

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It got cold here in Cincinnati for the first time this weekend, and my tires were spinning like crazy when I acelerated until they warmed up a little bit. I felt like a race car driver weaving back an forth on the road to warm them up. I can't imagine what it will be like in December...

I guess it's time to get those winter tires! Any suggestions for ones that aren't going to harden up on me?

Russ Johnson
'01 Auburn Sky
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You'll definitely have more wheel slip in cold weather than warm. You'll also get better performance in colder weather too. So it's a combination of both...

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if you're getting the Blizzaks get the LM-22 (since they're H-rated (softer compound))..
Being encounter these situations here in California. YES, I said California. It being pretty cold here at night, and when I just leave the parking lot from school, I notice that the rear wheels are spinning quite a bit, even under moderate acceleration. I wonder what it will be like in wet pavements?
Maybe that is why Lexus is calling them "summer tires".

Have you ever seen how the F1 & Indy cars zig-zag all over the place during the pace laps? That is to "scrub" the tires and get them warmed up to have the best traction.

Dragsters do a couple of "warm up" burnouts before they go for the real 1/4 mile run...
But we cannot do that on the street, right?
I guess we just need to be a bit careful for the first few minutes after having the car sit in the cold for a long time.
BTW, those dragsters do not need to do burn out to warm up their tires. They actually did a study and find out that because of the amount of power they put on those tires, they can reach their operating temperature in milliseconds. Everybody in the drag world admit that doing burn out is just to entertain the audience.
found out cold tires suck the hard way last winter with my old car when i tried to slam the breaks only to catapult into a blazer in front of me.

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yeah.. that same thing happened to me... this old toyota plowed into the back of my blazer...

blazer *unphased*
toyota *accordion*

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What does everyone think about these Yokes...they come in 17" and actually have the perfect size for the IS
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