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Moderators: I realize this is not general discussion, but I just wanted to try and get the word out about this meet so in the future more will know about it. I'll understand if it's moved though.

Anyway, went to a ClubLexus meet today. It was a good time, with maybe 20 people there at one time. Lots of GS400/430s, a few SC400s, couple RX3s, 1 LS400 (a loaner) and 2 IS3s, including myself.

Went for a hotlap in an 2K GS4 with
L-Tuned shocks/springs/ECU/exhaust, TRD front strut and chassis braces/front and rear sway bars, riding on
18"WEDS-Farmas DP-V11s/Nitto555s/(8.5f/9.5r)

What a ride! Laid flat as a board and my lord it was a smooth ride.

The pics are at in the gallery under CLUBLEXUS MEETS, ATL D&B

Could've used a few more IS3s out there, but I represented as best as I could with my stock ride.

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