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In my entire life, I have only seen 2 Lexuses with cloth interiors. One was my friend's ES250 and the other was an early ES300.

In Japan you can get Recaro seats as an option on many cars.

How durable are the escaine seating surfaces? I know leather is obviously durable, and with proper care, so is cloth.

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Cloth is more common on Luxury cars outside
of the US (in Europe & Australia for instance)

Audi has escaine (trademarked name=Ultrasuede) available on the S4.

I would guess that the Ultrasuede is
similar in durability to the leather.

High quality cloth is probably the most
durable thing available, but it is hard
to know just how good it is until
you have had the car for 20 years.

Certainly you can find cheap economy
cars that used cheap cloth that falls
apart right away.


I had two MR2s - one with leather, one
with cloth. The leather faded and cracked,
the cloth one still looks like new
13 years later.
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