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Here's a suggestion...
How about a seperate forum be created for the sole purpose of learning more about our IS300's. It dosen't necessarily need to be titiled IS300 owners forum, as there can be non owners wanting to trade IS300 info as well. This way we can seperate all the noise, flamers, and other off topic posts into it's own category.

These other forums, IS200, IS300, suspension mods, performance mods etc could then be moderated to keep with the forum categories.

The General discussion would be left open and not moderated. That way all the gripers, flamers, and ignorant posts, or anything else will also have a home.

Of coarse this would depend on WebMaster's time and availability and his resources in getting acceptable moderators to help out. Anyways, I commend him for his efforts on this website as I have learned so much about this car already.

I'm just hoping to clear all the extra noise on these forums.

Just a suggestion......
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Yeah I agree, even though it's fun to read all the flaming topics some I could just do without.

Hey, I think I would be a good moderator! hehehehe
I'm on this page all day...sad but work gives me absolutly NOTHING. So if you want my help just ask.
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