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Check out the dash on Ebay

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I was searching Ebay and came across this.
Also they have an Alteeza model.
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I would like to see a picture of the wood kit installed in a car before I fork over my money. Does Spectrum have a website?
Evidently you aren't the only one that wants to see it first. No one bid on it.
I saw that on Ebay too...i was tempted to bid on it but I decided to wait till i actually see it on the car.
The problem with this aftermarket wood-dash is that they are glued on to of the existing dash which in my opionion looks very cheap and ugly. I would rather get the entire part replaced rather than glue cheap stuff over my dash. Take a look at some of those wood dashes on the internet, they look like junk. I would never by a used car with those fake dashes. The stock look is better.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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