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I have the dreaded "you have killed your nav by trying to load another country" screen. According to some guy named TheT in MN with a Land Cruiser it looks like the only fix might be to buy an update disc but at $300 I'm not sure I want to take a chance on somthing that may not work.

What I am looking for is somone who has a Gen2/3 nav system with a v3 or later (v7 would be even better) disc for me to TRY (NOT COPY, I'll buy my own legit disc if it works).

If anyone in the Charlotte area is willing to help let me know and I will come to you, try the disc in your presence then be gone.

You can contact me at (seven oh four) nine six eight- five six three seven or rmwjr at yahoo dot com


2002 IS300 5sp
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